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Artificial Intelligence
Research and Innovation Center

Politecnico di Milano Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovation Center brings AI and innovation from Politecnico di Milano research labs to your company.

AI Envisioning

Discover AI-enabled opportunities to innovate products and processes in your business.

AI Joint Research

Develop joint industrial research projects to really put AI at work.

AI Advanced Education

Enrich your company technical expertise through innovative teaching programmes.

AI Opportunities go far beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Leveraging on interactive workshops, the AI Envisioning program analyses the most promising AI applications in your business context to innovate products and processes, finds out the gaps in data, skills and people culture, and sets out your business’s best AI development strategy.

To succeed, vision and ideas are not enough: you need a great execution. With this program, the company and Politecnico di Milano create a joint research group, and tackle a project of innovation and strategic relevance. Access to an international excellence network, contamination with the academic culture, internal development and protection of intellectual property, engagement of your most talented people: the AI joint research program is the right option for those companies who understand the challenge of being an AI-driven company, and what to deal with it in the right way: by teaming up.

To achieve excellent results, you need engaged and skilled people. The AI Advanced Education program delivers highly-technical contents, tailor made for Company’s specific area of interest. These programs put together innovative digital learning platforms designed and developed by Politecnico and the traditional laboratory activities, to learn both in theory and practice.




The greatest risk factor is not represented by the development of an AI project, but by the enormous opportunities lost in not undertaking it.

Work with AIRIC at Politecnico di Milano to focus, learn, and implement your next AI project.